Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Excerpt 1

LILLIAN. (Continuing a thought)
This land is large and wild and fine,
Such freedom I never knew before…
Here, it is always all right to ask for more…
But I am bound to a promise
That I made long ago and far away.
Until that promise is kept,
Nothing –
Nothing will stand in my way.
SCOTTY. You promised Joseph –
SCOTTY. To be his wife –
LILLIAN. More than that.
My life is bound to his life.
SCOTTY. He left you in the lurch twice before.
LILLIAN. He did not know when I come –
Or if I could come at all.
Maybe he thought I would forget.
Maybe he forgot –
SCOTTY. That can’t be true.
Not you.
LILLIAN. You are a good man, Scotty,
But you do not understand.
SCOTTY. I understand that you owe him nothing –
Nothing! Not anymore!
(Getting more and more worked up)
Your life is not bound to his life.
If he wanted you for his wife,
He would have waited in Brooklyn,
He would have waited in Dakota,
He would have waited in Russia
Till both of you could leave!
Look at me, Lillian,
Do you really believe
he’s waiting in Telegraph Creek?
He’s been playing a game of hide-and-seek!
How many more continents will you chase him across?
Never mind – go on – go on and find Jozéf!
Why should I care? It’s your loss!
No…it’s my loss… (He stands and moves away.)
LILLIAN. You do not understand.
SCOTTY. (Turning to her) Then tell me!