Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet Our Lillian

Vancouver Opera has set up a new website blog for our world premiere commission of Lillian Alling, a new work by John Estacio and John Murrell, set to premiere as part of our 50th Anniversary in the fall of 2010.

Which you know, 'cause you are here.

On this new site you'll find a synopsis of the show, info on the creators, a cast of characters, and a sample of this new work! You'll also see the schedule of workshops and be able to get updates on how and what we are doing on this very exciting new piece.

New materials will be added on a regular basis, especially now that we are in a heavy workshop period, so you'll want to visit Lillian often for all the latest, including pics, video, sound samples, and more on this remarkable woman!

Join Lillian Alling on her journey to Vancouver Opera and beyond!