Friday, September 17, 2010

Lillian Updates From Banff

What a fabulous two days of rehearsal we have had as we bring Lillian Alling to life. The work on the set with Stage Director Kelly Robinson and our Irene, Judith Forst and Jimmy, Roger Honeywell has been wonderful.

It is very rare in opera to have a chance to rehearse on the set but with our co-production with The Banff Centre, we are doing just that.

The set is designed by Sue LePage and is full of wonderful levels, stairs, angles and a pick-up truck!

This production incorporates a large video design which local Vancouver designer, Tim Matheson is working on here. Having the chance to look at content and begin to make cues is something we would have had to work into the wee hours of the morning during our tech week in Vancouver to achieve. We are using six projectors for both front and rear projections that will help us tell the journey the Lillian Alling takes.

The exploration and discovery that we have had in these first two days will continue with the rest of the cast until next week. All this will make the world premiere of this wonderful new opera even more special.

~ Tom Wright, Director of Artistic Planning

Photo credit: Tom Wright